• July 2010
    Lovely post! I just spent yesterday with a 79-year-old friend who had learned to live the life she's always wanted...and she only wished it didn't take her so long. Yet seeing that smile on her face made me realize that it doesn't really matter WHAT...
  • May 2010
    Dear Buffi, Wow! You have really captured exactly what this event was like. I met you just as soon as I walked in, and I remember we were both figuring out how to fill out the sheets--and were pleasantly nervous and excited. There was such an energy...
  • July 2009
    I think you're absolutely right. I have the opposite problem. My novels explore what I think are dark topics, like betrayal, insane mothers, betrayal by insane mothers, breakups, divorce, more betrayal, etc., and the reviewers say things like, "A...

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