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    July 2019
  • July 2019
    I'm here for the community and interaction! ^^ I've been looking for professional writing groups and I stumbled across She Writes a while back. I had some trouble with my account immediately after registering, so I left for a while, and now I've...
  • June 2019
    Hello Shannon I’m just a day old user to SheWrites and I’m glad to run across your note. I’ve been interested in SheWrites but hesitant to join. A friend suggested it again and here I am. I have a memoir in flux. I’ve never published and have been...
  • June 2019
    Hi Shannon, I'm so glad you asked this and pointed it out as it is something that is certainly in a state of flux that we haven't addressed directly on the site. We have found over the years that on-site community building isn't what it used to be....

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