• December 2016
    Brooke, thanks for this informative post. I've been reviewing and studying SWP's package for the past several months as I draw closer to finishing my manuscript. One of the strongest factors for considering SWP is the quality of the books I've read...
  • April 2016
    Pam, I loved this post from beginning to end and beyond. You see I too live in the rainy, dark Pacific NW, Portland to be specific. In November and December, I was editing my memoir and revising for the fourth time. Suddenly, the pains and hurts of...
  • March 2016
    Very inspiring post. Most needed in my writing life right now.
  • February 2016
    Jean Rhude you have added salve to my battered writing soul. See my comment to Marcia yesterday. This morning I read your words and fell in awe of the phrase "in going back that I'm able to introduce and reinforce those themes better." I have been...
  • February 2016
    A most timely post for me and likely many others. While revising and editing my memoir, I read my own story with my own eyes. I didn't expect the strength and power of memory recall while attempting to "clean up" my draft into a publishable...
  • February 2016
    Joan, my congratulations to you! Our paths through life have been similar, and I know how difficult it is to attempt finding yourself after you reached adulthood. A great post and, for me, a timely one.
  • January 2016
    Awesome post! Something to consider as we begin a new writing year.

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