• February 2011
    Love how social media allows us to connect in important ways! I plan to start organizing a few blog posts and probably a few podcasts on my story in the book and on the book in general to go live on my site and some blogs I run!
  • November 2010
  • November 2010
    Well, personally, I've done NaNo for the last six years, but I never set out to write a full novel in that time. I've never written a 50k novel, ever, LOL. And I think Gillian is right about how one chooses to approach NaNo. For me, I'm a pretty...
  • October 2010
    For the most part, I have a digital nightstand full of books as I have taken to reading books on my cell phone until I get me an iPad--or decide to just get a book reader. I just finished an AWESOME book by Beth Fehlbaum titled "Hope in Patience,"...
  • July 2010
    Have a SLEW of women I could shout out, too, but I'll give honor to two: my mom Brenda Henson because she has more than stepped up in the last year to be there for me and provide me with wisdom with my new move and the pursuing of my Ph.D. And...
  • June 2010
    Great post and sad I missed the conversation. I've always been a multicultural reader, which has, in a sense, made me a multicultural writer. On my blog, ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING [http://chicklitgurrl.blogspot.com], I interview...

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