• December 2014
    Can you provide the copyeditor list link again? I clicked onto it and it was broken
  • October 2013
    Cool, yes the UK is a great secular market that I haven't actively pursued yet.  Thanks for the suggestion and best of luck on your book!
  • October 2013
    Well done, Sikivu! I may borrow some of your ideas. My book is on the shadow of dictatorship in Spain and it contains a chapter on the excesses of the Catholic church in Spain (quite spooky) and I haven't dared to publish yet in Spain. You should...
  • August 2013
    Thanks Angela! Good luck on your work and I hope the books resonate with you.  They address atheism from a black feminist perspective, historicizing black women's cultural investment in faith and the challenges of freethought and secular social...
  • August 2013
    This is fascinating, Sikivu.   I've been working with a black friend, a musician and professional man,  on his (probable) play, one that he hopes to develop into a gospel opera.  At the same time, he's been pushing me to pursue my racism project -...
  • June 2013
    Lucky you that you were fortunate enough to have the income to drop a few thousand dollars on publicists.  Your advice is simply not practical for the average indie author with no disposable income and zero visibility. Most of us must rely on...

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