• November 2016
    Hi Dhana, glad you found my comments useful, quote away!
  • November 2016
    Wonderful advice. It took me eight years to finish my memoir, (and that's probably a conservative estimate.) With memoir you aren't only writing a book, you're building an understanding of your life. That's hard work, so good for you for not getting...
  • September 2016
    on a totally unrelated note -- wouldn't it be nice if we could edit our Shewrites comments to fix our typos :) 
  • September 2016
    Good advice! When I wrote my memoir Red Star Tattoo about growing up in a cult I worried how those  I wrote about would react. But because I made a commitment to expose myself and my own behaviour as much if not more than the others I wrote about,...
  • June 2016
  • April 2016
  • November 2015
    Thank you for this, it was very helpful!
  • December 2014
    "Get in touch with that spark that first inspired you: to touch another; to help someone; to entertain someone; because you had to. Whatever your reason was, let it be your motivator. That original spark holds a kernel of truth for you that you can...

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