• July 2014
    http://mt-anderson.com/ This is the website for M. T. Anderson, who won the National Book Award for Octavian Nothing, and has written some very striking YA and children's novels.
  • July 2012
    I too loved Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home," (although I must confess the graphic depiction of cunnilingus was a little hard to take). It mirrored the wonderful English memoir, "Thrumpton Hall," by Miranda Seymour, another memoir about a man who falls...
  • February 2011
    I'm still a newcomer to the world of electronic books--I'm still getting used to my first-generation kindle--but if Sarah says the iPad is the way to go, then the iPad is my next purchase. Phoebe, still a lady-in-waiting, says Hi!

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