• April 2017
    I sincerely appreciated this post, Cindy! I've got my first book about to go to beta readers, hopeful that after that phase my manuscript will be accepted by SWP, but I'm also thinking about book two! Gosh, what we writers go through ... but how...
  • January 2017
    Beautifully written, Joan! You really (!) nailed it. :-)
  • August 2016
    Well said, Dorit! It's important for writers to hear these happy stories with hybrid publishing, especially with She Writes. It's definitely a model that's working beautifully for a lot of authors today. And just as a side note, having been your...
  • August 2016
    Love your perspective on this topic ... thank you for your wisdom and honesty! I'll definitely remember your words when I have my first "lemonade stand" of books. :)
  • May 2016
    Thank you for sharing your hard-earned wisdom ... boiling down an entire book into a strategic book description is tough enough, but one sentence is particularly challenging indeed! A great exercise for all of us writers ... I'm going to embark on...
  • March 2016
    Excellent tips, Ellen! What a gift to all novelists and memoirists! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. :)
  • February 2016
    Super tips, Kat! I will happily share this with my author clients ... great to have such a to-the-point list when going through the editing phases and final draft checks. Thank you! By the way ... I had to smile (!) when you said your characters...
  • February 2016
    What a robust list of resources ... thank you so much!!
  • January 2016
    What a wonderful story! I remember when I was working at Barnes & Noble as a second job and Angela's Ashes came in ... the cover drew me to it, and I bought it right away. I remember being so moved by it ... and to know what a dear man Frank...

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