• March 2014
    Hi Ellen. Love this post and whole-heartedly support the contagion of empowering critiques! I recently completed an MFA and got to work with some brilliant and talented writers who critiqued my work weekly for about two years. I noticed the comments...
  • March 2014
    Meg, I like what you say about "remaining true to oneself" and the manner of expression "depends on the story." About those testy friends. I often think there are enough testy people in the world, can't the friends just me supportive. :) Also,...
  • January 2012
    Great stuff, Jill.
  • December 2011
    Hello Beth. Reiko encouraged me to meet you on your blog, as I came to her, a new MFA student with a favorite book on my list: A Slant of Sun. She told me then you were one of her dear friends. It has been a few years now since I read your book, yet...
  • December 2011
    Reading this, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have Reiko as one of my first mentors. 

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