• October 2013
    @ Nancy - Happy to shed some light for you and others, Nancy.   There's a quick list of my most recent article titles in the Publications section of my LinkedIn profile at  www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniebarko You can also mine my blog for articles...
  • October 2013
    Your post is extremely helpful, Stephanie. It's focused, and to the point, and gives the platform question an entirely new (and now more understandable) perspective...one I can grasp and one I feel is accessible. Thank you very much. 
  • October 2013
    Thanks, Jessica.  Samantha asked a question of me offline, which I will repeat here. Samantha asked whether a website, blog and social suite are necessary when shopping for an agent.   To that I say DOUBLE YES.  Just think of all the manuscripts an...
  • October 2013
    Good, succinct, accurate, useful. What more could you want in a post? Very well done, Stephanie!
  • October 2013
  • July 2013
    As a literary publicist Brooke refers to, specializing in historical fiction & nonfiction, Brooke asked me to name communities where historical novelists can network.  The international professional association for historical novelists is...
  • June 2012
    Welcome back and congrats, Kamy.  Early on in my career I worked with one of Brooke's Seal authors.  If your press is interviewing nonfiction & historical fiction publicity experts, consider my hat thrown in the ring for that.
  • March 2012
    I love historical mysteries.  I guess I like a little elegance with my murder...

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