• October 2015
    A GREAT piece! May be the basis for a sermon I give this Sunday. Thanks so much! Susan
  • October 2014
    Thanks so much Brooke!  Great info!  Susan
  • October 2014
    GREAT post Brooke!  Thanks so much.  Fup question -- do you have any articles or thoughts about how to build that email database?  I am really struggling with that.  Thanks!  Susan
  • December 2013
    Thanks again for this great piece Brooke!  It not only inspired Sunday's sermon, it was the basis for my recent Huffington Post blog.       Thanks for all you give and happy holidays!  SusanHuffington Post blog.
  • December 2013
    Thank you for this great post and wonderful conversation. It is going to be the center point of my sermon Sunday.  :)  Title:  "Generosity is the New Currency" Thank you again!

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