• May 2010
    This is a day late, but it's still Poetry Month until tomorrow, and I had a poem in my pocket today in Santiago, Chile. I was on my way to Pablo Neruda's house when a woman gave me a poem written by a student at Universidad de Chile. I stuffed it in...
  • March 2010
    I would recommend Ines of My Soul, by Isabelle Allende. A fantastic account of one woman's critical role in 16th-century Chile.
  • October 2009
    I did the same thing...locked my thumb in my car door. And I was having the same kind of day!
  • July 2009
    Dianne was my professor at Stanford, too, and I also reconnected with her several years ago. She was powerfully inspiring, a master at communicating, and I think of her often. Thank you for posting this magnificent tribute.

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