• June 2014
    I liked your Facebook page. My current novel was rejected by many agents, including one who wrote to me a year and a half later to find out if I was still unagented. She was still thinking about my novel, and had changed her mind. She is now my...
  • June 2014
    I'm in the middle of an MFA through the University of British Columbia in Vancouver right now. I've published three novels, a short story collection and over a hundred essays, articles and stories in publications such as Real Simple, Brain, Child,...
  • April 2014
    Love the cover!
  • April 2014
    My novel Screaming Divasis about an all-girl punk rock band in 1980s South Carolina that covers songs by The Supremes, and I originally planned on using lyrics in my novel, but my queries to the copyright holders went unanswered.   I liked the idea...
  • October 2013
    I love Seal Press, and I love Paris! I'm so glad you persisted. I will happily order this book!
  • September 2013
    What a story! I think you could write a The Devil Wears Prada type novel about publishing and that Famous Agent, if you ever wanted to.   For the record, The Circles I Move In is one of those books that has survived multiple cullings. It's still on...
  • August 2013
    Yes, persistence is important! I just signed a contract for a book I wrote 15 years ago. At one point, I had a hot shot agent for the book who couldn't sell it, revised it over the years, and finally found a home for it!

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