• October 2013
    Beginning a new project I draw from an outline which helps me stay focused and keeps the ideas flowing in case I get stuck there's another bullet point to move onto. My favorite time to write is when it is raining but not having to wait on the...
  • September 2013
    I love this idea and especially highlight over delete to mark your progress. Thanks Maria!
  • September 2013
    I enjoy reading non-fiction and memoirs and to me it is not so much about how many pages but how long the chapters are, I need short chapters that will keep me in the read. Thanks for the post.
  • September 2013
    I understand your point but I disagree. We all have different approaches to writing and perhaps she needed to remove any potential distractions in order to commit to her writing process and reach her goal. I noticed you said "Has anyone heard from...
  • September 2013
    Exactly where I am today on the bank waiting for the boat. Thanks for the encouragement Julie!
  • August 2013
    I admire your honesty and wish you much success Christine!
  • July 2013
  • May 2013
    What a fantastic creative way to celebrate the arts! Congratulations on your successful launch Marci!

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