• January 2017
    One of my early readers (Hey Rene!) caught my 'really' apocalypse. I was sure she was misguided until I did a FIND in Word and realized how much I owed her keen eye and reading comprehension. 
  • December 2016
    You were lucky you got an email from someone telling you why they couldn't blurb your book. Classy people. For my first book, someone from the WSJ was supposed to blurb it and never did. Just left me hanging. Same thing happened on my second, by...
  • October 2016
    The best advice I got on memoir was from Brooke's webinars on memoir. It helped me completely reshape my book. The main takeaways I got were, "What are you teaching in your memoir?" and "readers should come away from your book feeling something...
  • September 2016
    I loved this. My memoir also contains a ton of secrets no one has ever known, about my parents mainly, and some about me. My father is no longer with us and my mother has some early dementia symptoms, although the doctors say she doesn't. In any...
  • August 2016
    The only successful author I saw with promotional gizmos had a little video playing. No bookmarks (I've been in 2 books that offered those, seems like a waste of money)no nail files (another waste)and having used postcards for my acting career, I...
  • June 2016
    Great post!
  • May 2016
    You're welcome, Kristin. 

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