• February 2016
    Hi Caitlyn, Your subject caught my eye. I haven't been on She Writes for quite awhile because all my energy goes to balancing the huge chip on my shoulder as I labor over my literary fiction novel--just kidding! Here is how I think of it. Literary...
  • November 2014
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Kamy. I'm going to approach this from the reader experience view. When I see a product logo on the screen it does take me out of the story for a nanosecond. I think "Oh, clever product placement." If...
  • July 2014
    Obviously you can write, Alexandra! That the publisher would take so much time to edit and critique your work says something, I'm not sure what...she was having a nervous breakdown? My goodness! Lot's of encouragement and wonderful thoughts in this...
  • May 2014
    It's a scandal.  A woman I know paid her publisher thousands of dollars  to attend an event that would provide a short coaching session on how to pitch your novel to a Hollywood producer and then she would be given an opportunity to pitch to...
  • May 2014
    That's a spectacular tip. And congrats.
  • May 2014
    My beta team attended my B&N signing. While they socialized with other invited guests, they reeled in every passerby who showed any interest in the book... 
  • May 2014
    Sydney, what a wonderful idea! I'm going to remember this. It has to be much easier for someone else to talk about how wonderful your book is than it is for you to do it. Thanks for the tip.
  • December 2013
    One of my New Year's Resolutions is to recognize and respond to opportunities to be generous more spontaneously. Thanks for this reminder. 

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