• March 2018
    Continuing the passion for short stories - advocating unconventional works. When I started writing, I didn't have any knowhow of things that shouldn't be written - especially for your first manuscript if you are going to try and launch a career...
  • December 2014
    Sorry it took so long to find my way to this ( SW is still unexplored). Its a very good start in articulating your unique view, and the parallels you draw between the countries, (or women within them) does highlight the essentially subordinate role...
  • November 2014
    It's true, one is never free from the assumptions and judgements of others. Women are expected to play multiple roles. As you say, there is much to write about. Thank you for sharing and starting here.
  • November 2014
    Dear Tanu,  Your honesty is inspiring, and I am fascinated by the comparisons you make between your "old" life (in India?) and your "new" life here in America. I'll be interested to read more about your journey to "freedom." Thanks for sharing!
  • November 2014

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