• June 2017
  • August 2015
    Thanks for posting this.  What a tangled web!  Publishers need to get it that readers care about quality. But let's face it, they buy what they think is "hot," too and that's where pubs make their money--either buying something they know will be hot...
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    July 2015
    Thanks for your kind comments Susan! It is fun to be able to share this story and the story about the story.  :-)
  • July 2015
    Thanks for the insight that inspiration can happen spontaneously, can be continually built by savoring even the un-grandest of moments ($8.97) and includes in the receipe much patience along with fantasical-magic along the way!
  • July 2015
  • July 2015
    Good to hear that we are all in the same struggle. I love the image of the fallow field and am fighting off urges to do that one more marketing thing, so I can turn to my beloved (writing).
  • February 2015
    Brooke, Thanks so much for this good info. I would also like to share that as an author, you can manipulate your Amazon categories and often that can push up the ranking of your book. For example if you are in the category "Literature" you are...
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    October 2014

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