• May 2011
    What is so startling to me is to read the statistics and realize that even if you are not a rape survivor someone you know is...and they do not speak about it.   As much as we need women to tell their truths, we also need to give witness to their...
  • April 2011
  • September 2010
    Masha Hamilton is my writing heroine. As a teacher she opened me up to new ways of seeing my writing and helped me enjoy editing and get excited about the process. As a writer, Masha's work embodies the lives and hearts of amazing women who struggle...
  • May 2010
    If I could get across only ONE thing to all SheWrites members: IF you have a SheWrites Event anywhere near you (or near enough to a highway, a bus, a pair of sneakers), find a way to get there. These women mean business. x d
  • May 2010
    Pauline -- wish we could bring the evening over there! Wish u had been with us as well! Cheers, Teri
  • May 2010
    Boo-hoo! Wish I'd been there! I just found out I'd need 1 million GBPOUNDS in the bank if I wanted to move to NY! Now, if I can just find that extra 999,000, I'll be on the next plane. Cheers Pauline
  • May 2010
    As one of the lucky attendees, I can only say that Teri has described the evening perfectly, and the the whole was even greater than the sum of its parts because of the warmth, wit and generosity of all the women who participated. The next thing is...
  • Teri Coyne posted an article Heroine Worship
    April 2010

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