• June 2017
  • May 2017
  • October 2016
    Thanks, Brooke! Always a concern for memoir writers. I had a tip from a lawyer who said, say for example if you're writing about an abuser, that if the abuse took place in private and you wrote about it, it's an invasion of privacy because it's your...
  • September 2016
    Thank you so much, Maria, for addressing this issue. I go bonkers reading the misuse of "that" when referring to people. I also blister at the use of "I've got" instead of "I have." (Sometimes I feel like a curmudgeon when stomping my foot and using...
  • April 2015
    Thanks, L.G. I appreciate how you laid out this info and the encouragement.
  • March 2015
    And you, too, Lene.
  • March 2015
    "Need to love the scars and the whispers and the laughter and the pain and the shame and the silence and the words in all their different shapes. Because trembling, silent, shouted, plain, confused, clear, angry, ugly--they are all beautiful." Love...
  • January 2015
    Yes to villagers changing the world and to your passion!
  • November 2014
    I've been hearing young people say, "I seen that." Along with other ugly misuses such as, "I've went to the store." I correct where I can, but it seems to make no difference.

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