• December 2016
    I haven't yet published my own novel but I am in several anthologies. The first thing I did was create an Author Page on Amazon. It has been very nice being able to refer someone to my author page and has certainly helped me "get out there". Great...
  • September 2016
    A shot of chilled Russian vodka and dinner date with my inamorata. :-)
  • September 2016
    What about prior published work?
  • February 2016
    Your story is incredibly touching, Irene... it brought tears. I do love a happy ending though. :-) Doubt, shame, guilt... oh yes, I've had my share and it has always been my mother who brought me through those times. I begin writing about seven...
  • February 2016
    Great tips! Thank you. Reading aloud became part of my final edit after seeing how it improved my flash fiction. An added bonus... my inamorata gets to hear my stories.
  • November 2015
    "Editor is not your therapist... editor is not your therapist... editor is NOT your therapist... " Got it! Dr Kay will be pleased that her expertise is not being usurped by my editor. I think we've all seen enough Lifetime movies to know that our...
  • October 2015
    Great advice, Kristin! And timely. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your experience.
  • September 2015
    Skinny writers.... my first thought is of someone spare of word. One who can convey in 25 words what others take 50 or 100 to do. A skinny writer uses short, sharp dialogue that has the emotional impact of their more verbose brethren. Those were my...

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