• November 2010
    You're very amusing and I can't wait to bear witness to your writing adventures over the next few weeks. :) I am not a formal participant in this challenge (too busy over on hubpages.com filling my head with SEO, backlinks and traffic know-how OH...
  • November 2010
    Oh come on Miss Tayari ... don't rain on everyone's parade. It sounds like this isn't the forum for you and that's okay.I can relate. I tend to go back and edit before I get off the first page! UGH! Crazy habit I picked up writing for newspapers. No...
  • Vicki T. Lee posted an article Cobweb cleanup
    October 2010
  • September 2010
    You know, I was adopted to a mother, father and sister who all had the same concept of sharing inner pain - they didn't. And of course that made me - someone who felt deeply and needed real, not just perceived, closesness - the odd man out. In...
  • September 2010

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