• Wendy Babiak commented on her article She's Got Blurbs!
    January 2011
    Thanks! And happy New Year.
  • January 2011
    Just saw this!!! (I haven't been on here much lately with the move and Christmas and all.) Congratulations!!!!
  • April 2010
    This is lovely. I think I'll share it at FB. And thanks for the friend request.
  • April 2010
    Shout out to JoAnn Balingit, poet laureate of Delaware and author of Your Heart and How it Works.
  • March 2010
  • January 2010
    What a joy to read this today. I've been suffering a sort of illusion of solitude; this proves I'm not alone! Thank you so much for the work you're doing.
  • September 2009
    Good luck, Hope! I've got a book of poems coming out in a few (or several) months, and I've been pondering some of these same thoughts (re: pure writing vs. marketing). I think you're approach is a great compromise, and I look forward to watching...
  • August 2009
    I'm going to have to hunt down a copy!
  • August 2009
    Lovely reminders about the importance of description. (I read the James piece, too.) I can't imagine skipping such richness as a reader! But then, there are people who move through the world with eyes only for what they "need" to see, as well. I...
  • August 2009
    You know, I'm 42 now, and when I was approaching 40, it felt like a really big deal. It was nice to get past it. The world won't end, you won't stop being sexy, your creativity will not dry up and blow away. In fact, in some ways it's really nice to...

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