• September 2012
    In 1983 a tractor-trailer ran my motorcycle (and me) off a mountain road. Almost 30 years and 10 operations later (one leg works, and the other not-so-well) I'm still doing just fine... but I still see that moment so clearly. My life came down to a...
  • June 2012
    Happy Third Birth day!!!
  • October 2011
    It's an evil apostrophe plot!!!
  • October 2011
    It's absurd (and not in a happy way) how many authors trip over this aspect of 'writing is also a business' ...from their first pitch to the last sale ... 'specially in these interwebz times, where so much information is right on the other end of...
  • September 2011
    Here's the homepage for this wonderful poem. and there are two versions!!!
  • August 2011
    What would you have done? ... It's funny isn't it, where we'll draw that line? What if it was $50, or $10, or a 'special one-off free' deal with a program we know to be ethically 'dubious'? Do we watch movies starring or directed by people...
  • July 2011
    It's scary how much pressure we put on ourselves when we focus on 'what will they think'. Look at it this way, whatever their reactions, (they will judge you anyway) seeing you as you really are is a good thing.   
  • June 2011
    To not write is to not dream. Achieving the end result is just another breath.
  • May 2011
    Attitude adjustments? - Daily. Not great ones, thankfully right now I've got a fairly good handle on the major stuff. Which is not to say that tomorrow will throw me a giant comet to juggle.   Success? - If I can go to bed at night and only spend...
  • April 2011
    Very evocative ... and imagine what would happen if EVERY woman told the truth about her life?

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