• May 2011
    This is a great slideshow on packing a carry-on: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/05/06/business/businessspecial/20100506-pack-ss.html A friend of mine traveled around the world for a month with only a carry-on using this technique!
  • February 2011
    This is great advice, and timely as I have a chapter being workshopped this week!
  • January 2011
    Thanks for this. It helps to know that others get stuck in inertia, too. I started a novel three years ago and set it aside as life took various detours (my dad died, I took a teaching job). I am finally getting back to it. Actually writing, not...
  • November 2010
    I have to say, your "hot mess' is actually pretty darn good! I love it! December 1 -- I'm starting "Plot Month." Since I jumped into this on a whim with no prep whatsoever, I need to go back and figure out how to structure the plot. January:...
  • November 2010
    Yesterday was really hard but today I had a plot breakthrough (the best ideas always come in the shower). I feel like I am getting the bare bones of the story down, and I will go back to add in all of the elements that fully flesh out the...
  • November 2010
    I know! SO evil! But so brilliant, because who wants to lose any of their hard-won words?
  • November 2010
    Best toy ever: Write or Die. It's just brilliant - you set a word count/time goal, and start typing. If you stop typing, "punishments" happen (you can pick the severity). Most severe: it starts erasing what you've written, word by word, until you...
  • November 2010
    Great post! I wasn't going to do NaNo this year (I "won" in 2006 and participated in 2008) but what the hey, I'm in! I'm using http://tvtropes.org for character/plot inspiration. Speaking of which I better at least come up with a rough idea today....
  • July 2010
    Staying away from any controversy here, because that's how I roll, just wanted to say that I enjoyed "Kinky Gazpacho" -- as a white woman married to a man who is a Spaniard by heritage but raised in Venezuela, I thought so many of your observations...

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