• December 2012
  • Laura Munson posted an article Oh Holy Night
    December 2012
  • Laura Munson posted an article Name this barn!
    August 2010
  • July 2010
    I just finished your book and I must say that you absolutely lived up to your author's credo. I feel inspired and educated and comforted and over the past few days I've been practicing the art of not suffering. I held my breath with each page as I...
  • July 2010
    Thanks, Tania. I always feel that I'm getting away with something when I sit down to write. Almost like a little girl. It's that same feeling I used to get when I'd sneak off to my tree house and read or write in my diary. Sometimes the energy isn't...
  • July 2010
    Beautiful phrase of yours, Laura, "the philosophy of non-suffering." I'm signing up for your forum, and very inspired by your post on the Mother Writer thread about having the joy of child rearing and the joy of publishing coincide, that it might...
  • Laura Munson posted an article
    July 2010

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