• February 2016
    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  • July 2015
    I think you should go ahead and write your book.  One article doesn't mean the topic is covered or exhausted.  It's just the beginning and the Time article really could be looked at as promotion of the topic.  Something that will help you get read...
  • September 2013
    Oh..this is so so true. And such good advice!
  • August 2013
    I enjoyed reading your blog!  Thank you for sharing!  This is a topic I think about often as I wonder what life will be like if I never end up having children, especially as it's something I've always wanted. Don't think of it as not having gotten...
  • August 2013
    Enjoyed reading your blog, Marci. I hope that your writing dreams are eventually realized, despite your disappointment in not being the first to write about an issue dear to your heart. I look forward to reading more about your perspectives here on...
  • August 2013
    Oh wow, Marci.  Boy do I relate to this blog article.  Not only on a professional level (I recently discovered I'd been "scooped"), but also on a personal level, more than I could possibly describe.  Thanks for allowing me to not feel so alone -- on...
  • August 2013
    Marci what great news about the Daily Beast!  I'm going to check it out.  
  • August 2013
    I'm a big believer in "signs", Marci. I always tell people, "Follow the Signs." This is one of them. (congratulations)
  • August 2013
    Update: This post was picked up by the Daily Beast's Women in the World! And that happened because a writer friend of mine decided to share it with her editor -- further evidence of the power of our...
  • August 2013
    Marci, I'm 47 and child-free, never having expected to be living the life that I am without husband + kids. You express my sentiments exactly. I'll add to that by saying that I will not live one more moment of this short life regretting something...

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