• February 2019
    Melissa: You left a wonderful comment on an article of mine about mixing politics with art, and I wondered if I may use lines from it for a revamped version of that piece for another site. Here is the comment: "Every writer sees the world in...
  • May 2018
    This was helpful! I'm still not sure where my Mia Makenzie series will fit, however. It's too harsh to be considered cozy, but not edgy enough for other categories. It's definitely mystery, though, not suspense or thriller. Thanks for sharing!
  • February 2018
    Every writer sees the world in which we live from a particular worldview. I believe it's impossible to effectively remove our beliefs from our writing. It's not a new phenomenon. I recall Johnathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" and Dante's Inferno,...
  • December 2017
  • December 2017
    Thanks, Maria, for sharing our experience. I am a newbie to Instagram, and quite frankly, it frightens me. One goal for 2018 is to use it to build a following. I'll let you know how it goes!

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