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  • July 2013
    I think this is such a great inspirational post and what a great idea of the 4 stages!  
  • May 2012
    I ususally rarely comment outside of my group but I saw this title and wanted to pass something on to you. I am glad that you are feeling better but the problem with writers is that we are not marketers. However there is a man who worked as a...
  • December 2011
    Read a lot of your posts,and they were wonderful and this is a beautiful piece! You are a wonderful writer!
  • November 2011
    You are hilarious girlfriend! I am so proud of you for doing this really! I do not know how hard it is going through chemo and doing this but it must be harder than what I go through, if it makes you feel any better I got the 48 hour stomache flu...
  • October 2011
    Writing was at ten years of age my first greatest joy and has never stopped being a joy!
  • September 2011
  • August 2011
    Wow! Now thats some pure inspiration right there! I am so glad you shared this with us and more glad that you wrote that!!! But really did you have to include the one where she wrote over a thousand things? Hit me right where it hurts! LOL j/k but...

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