• May 2017
    It's been a while. Writing and editing by day, daydreaming by night. Recently wrote a piece on by whom and how books are deemed bestsellers; bottom line: it depends on who you ask.
  • September 2014
    Terrific cover, terrific title, Kamy!
  • September 2011
    Kathryne, what a beautiful post. My condolences on your mother's passing, yet it seems you are comforted still by her. Your "stammering objections" notwithstanding, I sense your mother will be with you always -- how lovely for you both.   Strange,...
  • March 2011
    gorgeous to listen to and look at - thanks much!
  • February 2011
    My eldest sister is invisible now because she is dead. When she contracted HIV it was so long ago the hospital quarantined her. My family tried to make her invisible by telling others she had cancer. I wrote an article that a national magazine...
  • April 2010
    8 being the sign representing infinity, 8000 representing infinity multiplied by that many females. to add just one word written by each female means She Writes has made possible more communication than the sky has created stars. twinkle twinkle,...
  • March 2010
    Kamy, I hated tests but dug quizzes because they did pop out at you from nowhere... most however were not cut with humor, so thanks for the lessons as well as the laffs
  • March 2010
    Anyone catch Tina Brown on Charlie Rose the other night? Meaning journalists, she said that writers can barely make a living right now because they can't get paid (due to changing marketplaces such as online media) and that the same is true of...
  • March 2010
    I'm in. Can I start by saying I have had it up to here with would-be clients wanting to work with me but saying "you charge too much?" Of late I have realized this has seriously affected my perspective - and my passion toward the what in life I love...
  • March 2010
    The Bone People, by Keri Hulme, a Maori writer from New Zealand. A first novel, it won the 1985 Booker Prize. Unforgettable!

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