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  • 1.  Women's Fiction/ Literary Fiction 2.  I try to write at least a few pages every night. My job gets especially crazy during the summer months, so I don't beat mysel...
  • Hi Susan, That's hysterical. Rocket rolls off the tongue a lot more easily than the word arugula would!      
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    My adventure in the Windy City began with hot pink toenails. (Stay with me.) Sister Laura, who has worked so hard with little credit—editing, designing the awesome cov...
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    The Keys to the Kingdom Finding Place in Historical Fiction When your eyes glaze ov...ronze mythical animals are situated above the entry way. Julia Morgan’s 1937 remodel of the façade and gold lobby...
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    Part 4: Women Are Not Rehabilitation Centers for Broken Men I’ve heard many Black Men profess, “I want a ride or die.” What exactly does this mean? Well, the origin...


  • Sigh... [rolls up sleeves, starts typing again]
  • Liz Brennan commented on her article Words In Place
    Yes, sometimes the appearance of fog at the coast is quite dramatic. It rolls and tumbles over the hills in a mad rush! Othertimes it creeps in quietly, slowly, like Carl Sandburg's cat feet. Thanks for your comment.
  • Sue
    (cont.-it ran long) the 99 weekers have dropped off of the rolls and may still not be working. So now what? As my male vampire/love interest would say " i have a plan"...