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    Hi All, Sara suggested I put this question to the group.  Like many of you, apparentl...s, "Santa, Won't You Bring Me a Valentine?"   It's kind of in the "santa baby" mode. Wouldn't you know it - it ac...
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  • Both my publisher (Random House/Ballantine Books) and I did video trailers of sorts for The Wednesday Sisters. They arranged for a video interview, and I had someone d...
  • I was just on a radio show called "Natural Instincts", hosted by a rabbi and MD-turned shamanic healer (we held hands and did a little prayer/meditation before going o...
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  • Honoring my Soul November 22, 2018 | Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli Monday November 19, 2018 The moon entered into bold, take charge and self-confident Air...
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    hello everyone, this is charlotte talley. I am in the process of having my very first video made. the title of it is "MEMORY OF THE ARTIST". it will be filmed at my house.


  • Hi - I did take a Mary Oliver poem, "The Journey," on a walk today. I have been doing a lot of walking and quite often I am thinking about mindfulness and being in the...
  • this is a video from a site I have been contemplating putting my ezines talks about the future of ebooks whats new and innovative etc. you can also go to the site itself and look at some of the cool magazines and other features it offers....
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    Skype is very simple. If your comp has a built-in camera or if you have your own webcam, you download the Skype program, we trade e-mails, and then we chat with each other in real time with video feedback! It's awesome.