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    ...y beginning of pursuing writing as a big girl job. I love this idea of six word memoirs and I'm hoping to hear what it's like for others who are admitting they want to be writers, for...
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  • ...kdays. That is, until Oscar hands Norma a smoking gun on their third date—an incriminating, tell-all memo from RLS's libidinous managing partner admitting to age and national origin di...
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  • Meg, great challenge! I have not participated until now, but wonderful conversations. (working title) QUAKER PLAYBOY LEAVES LEGACY OF CONFUSION. Admitting years of denial still leads to conflicting family truths.


  • Excellent article, Brooke. Change is so hard, especially when it means admitting that we've been blind or wrong or mistaken in some other way. Moving beyond the status quo is such a ch...
  • Yona Zeldis McDonough commented on her article The Accidental Poet
    Kamy, I love you for admitting that! I did not know!  And thanks for your sweet comment. I got such enormous pleasure and satisfaction from writing those poems, mediocre as they are. I urge all writers to stretch themselve sometimes; you just never know where it's going to lead.
  • The only positive remark from Kara Brown was admitting that David Sedaris does not write creative non-fiction. He's a fiction writer. It's be great if that concept actually got tractio...