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  • Started by Jan Fischer Wade
    Get the skinny on paid advertising for your book on my blog today! What has been your experience with purchasinig advertising online???
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  • Started by Rossandra White
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    I got this great idea from my Costco newsletter.  Seriously.  The author "Of Love and War: 1864" used Costco's photo center to create cards advertising his book for an...
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  • Started by Katherine Ashe
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    Hello Avra, I've hired two publicists in the past year and even the very intensive program the second publicist launched did very little. With this publicist I was coa...
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  • Amanda DiSilvestro posted a status
    Tips and Tricks to Building the Perfect Mobile Landing Page By now most small businesses understand that a mobile strategy is a non-negotiable factor for success, but...
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    Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving by Samuel Sanders Featured by Yahoo!, Advertising Week, Thrive Global, Booklist Magazine, Publishers...


  • Thanks for the great advice. I've recently started writing a blog and I truly enjoy posting, but I can't help feeling a little bit like a narcissist when I do. The tho...
  • What we all really need is Thoreau's mother to do our laundry. Aka a patron/muse who sponsors our content! Interesting idea, Pamela, about putting an ad in a book rath...
  • I'm not advocating any advertising here at all, Heather.  My purpose in writing the piece was to encourage writers to know their keywords so that when they blog, syndi...