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  • The second blog post I choose to review is written by: Erika Klein and titled: 'Too Li...'d barely started. Of course I (being a writer) was immediately in postulation mode. "I wonder what letter one wo...
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    Beware Lying, Cheating friend Different rules apply there On the Internet Nothing Reflections in ice Mother, Father, Relatives Extremely useless Alternative Lifest...
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    So who is getting involved with NaNoWriMo in November? This will be my fourth year. I've got my novel title ready (The Alternative Tourist Guide) and I'm just working through the chapter plan at the moment. Very exciting. Fi x
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  • You're right about that, Bridget. As a former reviewer of self-published books I can say that a few poorly edited works don't just reflect badly on the industry as a w...
  • Your clever way of using lessons from your experience to illustrate your point is convincing!This device kept me reading what might have otherwise sounded preachy, sen...
  • What a beautiful cover. Same question as Sandy. Is there an alternative to buying the book on Amazon?