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  • Books that will stick with me ... I am sure I'll forget all the important ones if I do this in freewriting mode, but here goes: 1. Bitten (K...
  • Absolutely! My pleasure! The 60 tips really is great. She's actually starting up the full program soon and in the mean time there's a good article on writers web works...
  • Hi Isabelle and hello again Michelle :) I often need the wisdom to know the difference!  I've been through one of those hard lessons about accepting recently.  Once I...


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    Why Publish A Large Print Edition of Your Book? Plus Tips On How To Do I,
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  • PHENOMENAL tips here! I write YA too (just had my first novel come out in March, Blackbird Flies) so I could really use many of these. Thank you!   Chynna
  • I consumed Beverly Cleary books as a kid, then Judy Blume. As a lover of horses, I read Misty of Chincoteague, Black Beauty and many others. Now I love to find books, as Kamy said above, without recommendations and interference. I enjoy finding a diamond in the rough!
  • Nice tips, Meghan. I'm drawn to posts with quirky titles and writing (or pictures). Interaction through comments is very satisfying, and it might make that blogger's day if she receives appreciative feedback.