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  • I procrastinate sometimes because I think my writing is not good enough. Meaning other people will probably hate it. Which most of the time that is not true but I'm my...
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    Previous version 2019; Rank, The Publication. That code has been part of a household i...anagement unit and be there both manually and will be activated automatically. Models would have to be appliances...
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    Hello fellow Mama Writers! My name is Lisa and I'm a stepmother to three wonderful children. I'm a writer and have been since I could first hold a pencil. I started o...
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    “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” by Joseph Brodsky
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    It was where movies stars used to go and rest up, be pamper...script their agents had just sent over. A series of modest bungalows set around a beau...setts. Back when his books didn’t sell or sold only modestly, they lived in a much sma...
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    Your burning questions about my forthcoming novel Beside the Long River are answered on a new blog post:


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    Hi, Joanne.  I'm so glad you're "done" too! Congratulations!  You ask a burning question: is it possible to market AND write at the same time!  I'm struggling with tha...
  • Good reminder about the risk of burning bridges. ~:0)  I do have someone who has stepped on my toes so many times that I am ready to make her a villain in the story I...
  • I write on the bus on my way to and from my day job and then I type it up (my first re-write) on my laptop while sitting on a sheepskin rug in front of my fireplace ea...