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  • I just started reading this thread and it has been very helpful. All of it. How to publish seems a burning question and it is different for every writer for as many re...
  • Here are a few from my list: 1. Robert Boswell's The Half-Known World: Wonderful on the joys of unravelling mysteries as you write.He's such a good writer, using pers...
  • Started by Kiersi Burkhart
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    Hello! This is my first time posting a query here, and I'm a little intimidated by the wonderful queries I've seen so far--but hopefully that means I can get feedback...
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  • What an interesting article. Perhaps a better discussion for the mother writers group, but I wondered if people agree with the following: >Both Ms. Cheever and Mr....
  • Started by Colleen Green
    I got this email from the website http://www.writenowcoach.com/blog/ It is full of resources for writers, a blog, editing services and more here is a newsletter I got...
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  • Started by Cathy
    Hope you enjoy these! Prose Poems Indecision A Wildflower lying in the desert unsure Should she look to the light of the sun and Reach for something new or… Dig dee...
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  • Started by Laura Brennan
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    Introduce yourself, give a quick hi, answer the burning question: Who are you and what screens are you currently writing for?  
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  • Started by Rachel Thompson
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    The Puzzle by Rachel Thompson You tell me I’m quiet. I nod, attempting to comprehend my disbelief. Yet, you still need something from me; as a young son, after he cr...
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  • This is a revised version of what I posted a week ago.  Would love some comments, an attagirl or squee would be lovely.  -K- In the Company of Stones Chapter 1 780's D...