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  • Hi, My name is Tamara Minks and I live in an old farm house in Logansport, IN with my husband and teenage son, and two dogs.  (I have horses, too, but they don't live...
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    I resisted starting a blog because because number one, I thought I should have a published book first and number two, I was worried that the time I spent blogging wou...
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  • My blog , RAM Jewels: A Work in Progress,  is a complement to my jewelry site.  I try to post weekly (that's my New Year's resolution) which is the absolute minimum.  Ideally, I'd like to get several entries in per week.  But for now, once a week is my minimum requirement.


  • How about "complement" and "compliment"? Or "pore" vs "pour"? She pores over the dental records looking for a match."  And my all-time biggest quandary: "Guess what?" If I'm correct this is an imperative sentence, a polite request or command, right? 
  • Great reminder! Thanks Maria. I just misused complement. I have corrected it now that i've read this :)
  • Grace - "A blog should augment or complement the book and allow readers a personal way to connect with the author, right?" Exactly!