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  • Copper beard. Delphinium eyes. Voodoo smile.
  • Yesterday's Stone - Summer's End   Clouds of gun metal and smoke Hold captive, a cowering sun. Below, Oaks and Maples Surrender their bits; Bronze, copper, and gold – Shrapnel in the rushing gusts. Santa Ana is coming.
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    Eighteen-year-old Vivienne doesn't care for being Guinevere's lady-in-waiting. It’s no...uty will call me back. Guinevere tugs at the gold skirt of her dress—a low cut model from Lyonesse that initially...
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  • Copper Beard. Delphinium Eyes. Voodoo smile.
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    Possibility Pair, Of Ox © David Mchugh I wake up,I never sleepI fill my lungs,I never breatheI move my lips,I never speakBroken pipes that never leakI open eyes,I cannot seeI spire thoughtsI cannot teachI drip in eighths,I cannot listenTortured souls that cannot glisten
  • I don't think it has ever crossed my mind to truly give up. Since childhood, I was told that to choose the life of a writer would be difficult, if not impossible. So I...