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    If anyone needs a customized cover created for their book, I have a small company that does that. It is Book Covers and More. My rates are very reasonable and I create...
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    Hacienda Hot Springs main mineral springs pool   Dear is an increasingly crucial skill for modern-day authors. Plus it’s a gr...sert. Resnick is also a seasoned public speaker and moderator who’s spoken everywhere...
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    A wedding event is something everyone wants to have especially because it is a period when one is hooked up with his spouse. It is a time of celebration and the weddin...
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  • Just stumbled across this book blogs customized search engine, but haven't tried it yet. Let us know if you do & what you think:
  • I've been redesigning my website to gear up for my book launch: I use a customized theme from I'd like to get back to doing a regular blog but struggle with the slowness and bandwidth restrictions of a satellite connection in my remote location.
  • Hi everyone. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Clearly, I need to do a better job keeping up and engaging (oops).  Cynthia, Rachel, Debdatta, Lauren - I love you a...