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    ...time, I'm enjoying the game a lot. Thanks to the developers for not jumping on the bandwagon of cash grabbing types. So many developers insist on driving Bentleys and Jaguars when you...
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  • ...on, the Japanese invasion of China, World War 2 Germany and her immigration to the United Sates in the fifties. The historical facts are what is driving the story. There is so littl...
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    Authors, Writers... this is really important...  “Moving Forward…Driving A Point Home”


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    ...When I began to prepare my “Plan B,” I discovered that there was nowhere I could turn for answers. Navigating through “Reality Land” was like driving a car for the first time whil...


  • Hi Kristy, setting is my creative driving force, too. I loved this "But ten years from now, I wanted them to remember Peachtree Bluff."
  • Thanks for sharing the article, I will try to use some of these apps which you recommend. (driving directions map)
  • In any field, creation is always necessary. It helps create. It helps make a difference to attract more people.