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  • Started by Emilie Peck
    As I was progressing on my morning evolution to human, I was scrolling through some learning disability communities I take part in. One of the posts was about mind map...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    In the world of literature, a profound transformation is underway, one that celebrates and elevates women's voices to the forefront. This article explores a specif...
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  • This story just appeared as a guest post on, as a response to her post on "Renovating at 40." WHEN JUST ENOUGH ISN'T...


  • Jasmine Williams posted a status
    The greatest evolution we will ever encounter is the Evolution of Self


  • So I grab the stack off my nightstand (to carry outside so I can smoke while typing this), but of course I have to make 20 stops between here (the courtyard) and there...
  • Kamy and Brooke -- Congratulations and best wishes for a successful She Writes Press. It is an empowering next step in the evolution of She Writes. You both bring to this new press a depth of understanding of what is needed in this ever-changing world of publishing.  --Matilda
  • I loved this blog post!  I have worked with Caroline Leavitt on three rounds of developmental editing and she is amazing!  Caroline got inside my head and made the evo...