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    ...ervices. A lot of people think that SMM only applies to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but i...are three main types of social media marketing:   ●    Facebook Marketing  ●   &nbs...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...uable money into these assets. This is the modern era, and everything is getting digitalized; due to these reasons, the creators of meta, aka Facebook, have taken these steps to of...
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  • ...r. I am not able to edit or delete my drafts. I have sent emails but haven’t received any replies. I have messaged the social media person on Facebook. I was told to send in my que...


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    .... Mathis, Pamela Michelle Mathis, or Pew Partners I serve as the Educator…I am the One you listen to when you cannot find Encouragement within… Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Pi...
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    Visit My Visionary Blog for Revelation go to For Christian Women's or Fellowship Conference Services contact me at [email protected] To view my services go to or contact me on Facebook Group Heaven Sent Healing Music, Art and Dance
  • LaQuinta Sanchez posted a status a shit storm on a woman’s parade. I posted a quote last week on Facebook, “You are not required to be...hat entails. About four years ago, I stumbled across Derrick Jaxn’s Facebook page. I listened to this brot...


  • ...ks so much for this very comprehensive piece, author. I gobbled it up. I've spent years TRYING to find even a couple of beta readers (
  • ...d two of your articles, preparing to be a published writer myself. The need to be active on social media is the most troubling for me. I have a Facebook page which I haven't visited...
  • I feel like Instagram has become more and more like facebook in that posts are not well viewed no matter how many hashtags one places on them. It's become a big corporate sales pitch. Not Indie author friendly at all IMO. So, I have to disagree with the optimism of this article. Sorry. :P