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  • Hi! I'm not really new to SheWrites, just knew to really trying to figure it out and get to know my sisters-in-ink. I'm an author (yippee, a new title) my book, The P...
  • Elizabeth, this is something I struggle with a lot, because I do a lot of writing for Mennonite Church venues, and I am a devout Christian, but I also have this drivin...
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    I have written a children's faith-based series and am seriously considering self-publishing because of the many benefits and profit potential. Most of the publishers I...
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  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    My new novel COWBOY CODE is five weeks away from publication. As a preview, I offer a blog post about how I came to spend 20 years writing the book, which is based on true stories. Read about it at Ellie's House.
  • Rose CG posted a message for Lynn Sawler
    I think is based in NY? Perhaps they are unable to manage the site currently? I pray that you stay well. Best wishes. Rose
  • Lisa C. Miller posted a status
    My third book of poetry has been published by Christian Faith Publishing.


  • Dixie-- I have followed every link and blog connection I've seen on here thus far today and look forward to checking out your book as well. I'm very faith-based but ha...
  • From my perspective, I think blogs serve many functions. The miniature goal of my blog is to share inspiration & faith-based wisdom with the world! The long-term g...
  • Sian - as someone who grew up in a home full of addiction and all the dysfunction that...mpanies it, I get that instinctive urge to label your feelings as "whiny brat" mode, but I think your points are...