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    ...rse yourselves in the study of the written word as to articulate your undeniable truths through words chosen wisely. Always agree to disagree as gentlemen and for the sake of all manki...
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  • Our family will be together for time and all eternity.” In the afternoon we knelt around what looked like a white leather ottoman. An older gentlemen knelt with us, also wearing w...
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    Want us to help your Crowdfunding Campaign?Hullo lovely ladies and serene gentlemen of SheWrites! I was just wondering if anyone in here uses crowdfunding (indiegogo / pubslush) to fi...
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  • Laurie Levin posted a status and family name gone. They used to call that slavery. Boys on the other hand are boys and then men. Oftentimes they are referred to as gentlemen. There doesn’t seem to be an...