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  • has a subcategory for wedding poems: My vote is for David Lehman. When a Woman Loves a Man by David Lehman...
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    Thanks to everyone who helped me fine tune my query letter! I've given the whole thing a serious make over and I hope you'll take another peek at it.  Any better?  Any...
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    Hi everyone. I'd like your input on what seems like the one millionth version of my query letter. Positive and helpful criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Aidan...
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    Two Book Giveaway and Interview with Romance Author Charissa Stastny Book Giveaway Feb 19 - 26: A Romance, Package Deal from the Ruled Our Romances series. In t...


  • Hi Maureen, first, ooooo how exciting to be planning a wedding! Surely, this is distraction-worthy pursuits. I love your story of how you were given a repeat message....
  • Writing the first draft is always a wedding! The revision is more like a separation while you try to fix each other and hope that you don't end up giving up. Hurts! Hurts! Hurts!
  • Carson and Cheryl, Thanks for your tips. Cheryl sometimes I think my "overload" is really not believing the joy in my life. I truly am blessed. Carson, my daughter calls me her wedding manager, I just told my best friend she needs to be the MOB manager! Wishing you both my best. Roberta