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  • My memoir is about the lifelong illness and death of my sister, and I have experienced similar feelings, especially as the book became a best-seller in Canada.   I wil...
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    Despite its name, love can be a very complex concept. Its definition and meaning differ from person to person, but there are several general principles to help you f...
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  • Horray for a lit that pays writers!   Most little lits don't pay, not because the refuse to, but because they simply don't have the resources.  Many "pay what/when the...


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    “Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.” -Tom Stoppard
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    I am a survivor. I am a Mom of two teenage kids and a Wife of a dedicated hardworking Man. I am a massage therapist, essential oils consultant and an environmentalist...
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    3.6 Miles today! Feeling gooood! Join me virtually next time! Be good to your body. You deserve it!


  • I am glad that you have found within yourself the strength to change the status quo and come out of a situation that was not working for you.  It takes a lot of courag...
  • Brooke, I am new to SheWrites and stumbled upon this just at the right moment. I'm working on a memoir/instructional book about my daughter's experience with misdiagno...
  • Thank you so much, Isabelle! You thoroughly deserve the original yourself - your blog is always such good fun and written with much wit and insight. I will certainly play on the award - in all senses! - though perhaps not straightaway, if that's OK.