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  • Talking about self-publishing as a "last resort" only after you've been rejected by th.... Campers celebrate their DIY motorcycle-zen skills. My advice is to pick your mode of transport and enjoy the tr...
  • Started by Kenny Bodanis
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    Hi, I am considering turning my blog into a book. However, I notice my writing has changed (and, I would like to think, improved) over the years. How much creative license should I have to re-write and edit my own blog posts before making them part of a collection?
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    The first kiss, the first baby, the first lie. Six words about a memorable "first." Here's mine: Driving standard. My first empowering experience.
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  • This poor family had used ALL of their luck pennies and were sliding fast with medical bills and payments. Their money had run dry and they were forced to sleep in ten...
  • Being a mother is a hard job. I've had to share some terribly hard things with my mother over the years and I'm so glad she supports me no matter what. With her blessing, I reveal a family secret in a guest post about how my grandfather betrayed me. Driving and Crying
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    By Gen
    Wow, Heather. I definitely think you should rewrite that as your lead. And as I told you earlier, my heart goes out to you. We have had so many similar mornings with L...
  • Started by Addison Westlake
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    Hello! Wondering if any of you have some advice about how to keep momentum going after Kindle Direct Publishing free promo days? I self-published my romantic comedy no...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    As many companies continue to be more inclusive and appreciate the importance of a diverse leadership team, the rate at which women have been included in the man...
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  • OK, twist my arm. I'll start. So, I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway one day re...at readings, as well. Only in the car culture of LA, right? The stickers are modeled after the book cover (I'll...
  • Started by Rebecca Coffey
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    Is anyone interested in posting their work? I've just joined the group, mostly because a piece of flash fiction that I was writing turned both sinister and magical onc...
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