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  • Talking about self-publishing as a "last resort" only after you've been rejected by th.... Campers celebrate their DIY motorcycle-zen skills. My advice is to pick your mode of transport and enjoy the tr...
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    Hi, I am considering turning my blog into a book. However, I notice my writing has changed (and, I would like to think, improved) over the years. How much creative license should I have to re-write and edit my own blog posts before making them part of a collection?
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    The first kiss, the first baby, the first lie. Six words about a memorable "first." Here's mine: Driving standard. My first empowering experience.
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    I just posted two fairly recent blog entries from my new improved website Both speak to the quirkiness of being in a human incarnation, and offer personal responses to the challenging events we're faced with in these times.
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    YOU BETTER STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT This phrase has been playing on repeat in my mind the last couple days. Where did it come from? It feels like it’s coming from...
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    By Susan Binau, Cancer Survivor and Published Author Mommy, Can I Call You In Heaven?: How we coped with cancer as a family I couldn’t live my life to the full...


  • Amy, that's a totally generous offer and I may well take you up on it. I haven't resolved the problem yet because I just spent the weekend driving my older daughter to...
  • Thank you so much for sharing this Miriam... so much good advice in here... I'm going to try the writing while driving idea... safely, of course
  • Another thing to add to the list: driving by myself. I've found that my mind opens during longer drives--at first I have the usual list-making thoughts, but then my mi...